1. October 2016: Mondriaan Fund stipendium for emerging artists.

    I'm happy to anounce that the Mondrian Fund honoured me a stipendium for emerging artist for 2017!
    (Photo credit: Mecanoo architects)

  2. 4 December 2015 - Part of Hoogtij #43 in The Hague

    My show at the PeerIn gallery is part of Hoogtij #43,  Friday the 4th of December from 17:00-23:00
    Hoogtij is a cultural route along artist-initiatives, galleries and art platforms taking place in the centre of the Hague. You can sign up for a free tour at the Hoogtij website. (Tip: tour # 2 will take you to PeerIn)

    PeerIn can be found on the Elandstraat 200 in the Hague. It will also be the last evening the show will be on view!

  3. November 2015: Solo @ Peerin Gallery

    Currently on display for the month November: an installation that I created for the PeerIn Gallery in the Hague. Inspired by the window displays of shady real-estate offices, I used similar display strategies to sell the pedestrians of the Elandstraat  architectural “investment opportunitys”. This ambiguous presentation hopefully has the passersby stop and wonder what kind of  new “business”  has popped up on their street this time.

    For more info:

  4. 11-13 September 2015 : Garage Rotterdam and present Sander van Wettum and Johannes Langkamp at the Festival Witte de With, Rotterdam

    I'm presenting several works together with video-artist Johannes Langkamp at the Witte de With festival in Rotterdam. For more information: and

  5. 19 November 2014: De Donkere Kamer #4 @ Lantarenvenster, Rotterdam

    Otto Reuchlinweg 996, Rotterdam

    I'm invited for an interview about "de Kracht van Rotterdam", during the photography talkshow "De Donkere Kamer" . This will take place at 19 November 2014, 20:00, Lantaren Venster in Rotterdam.

  6. 23 - 30 Oktober 2014 @ De Aanschouw, Rotterdam

    My week of glory at the (in)famous gallery de Aanschouw. Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam.
    Update: for a report of the opening plus pictures of the work see Trendbeheer

  7. 11 September till 7 December 2014 - Exhibition "Wenn wir dich nicht sehen, siehst du uns auch nicht"

    Huize Frankendael, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    The Frankendael Foundation showcases, in cooporation with the international photogrpahy fair Unseen, a selection of works from the artcollection of Reyn van der Lugt.  I'm honoured to be part of this collection and part of the exhibition at Huize Frankendael, in the company of Vincen Beeckman, Gwenneth Boelens, Peggy Buth, Denis Guzzo, Ulrik Helthoft, Welmer Keesmaat, Johan Nieuwenhuize, Satijn Panyigay, Bas Princen, Timm Rautert, August Sander, Viviane Sassen, Malte Wandel, Marco Maria Zanin. e.a.

    More info on the website of Huize Frankendael and the website of Unseen Photo fair.

  8. 17 September 2014: Winner of the Kracht van Rotterdam.

     I recieved my first award last Friday!  The Mayor of Rotterdam awarded my nightpicture of Feyenoord with the "Krachtprijs" - the main award of the kracht van Rotterdam! Talented colegue Peter de Krom won the award for best series.

  9. 12 September 2014 - Official opening of the outdoor exhibition "De Kracht van Rotterdam"

    Various outdoor locations trough the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands (exact locations t.b.a.)
    Opening: 12 September 2014, 17:30, Stadsschouwburg Rotterdam.

    The results of the commision by "de Kracht van Rotterdam" are celebrated by an outdoor exhibition that will be opened in the Stadsschouwburg Rotterdam. The city's major, Mr. Aboutaleb, will award the winnning photographer of this years edition and officially open the outdoor exhibition that will take place trough the whole city. If you are around you are very welcome to attend the ceremony at 17:30.

    For more info see

  10. July 2014: De Kracht van Rotterdam

    The results for the commision De Kracht van Rotterdam are online! You can see the series I made of the neighbourhoud Feyenoord here. My Tumblr will show more images of this serie in the next couple of days

  11. June 2014: "Numbers" selected for the "One minutes on tour in Shanghai"

    A couple of years ago I made a little video that was set in Benidorm at night. Ever since I made a one-minute cut  (the original was a 5 minute loop) this "mini" version of this video has been leading its own life. After being part of the One minute collection and catalogue "Number One the video will now be showed during the screening and exhibition "The One Minutes on Tour in Shanghai" at the Power station of Art in Shanghai.

  12. June 2014 Selected (and currently working on) De Kracht van Rotterdam 2014

    I've got the honour to be part of the anual photo commision "De Kracht van Rotterdam". Twelve photographers are assigned to document one of the (twelve) area's that form the city of Rotterdam. The results are exhibited outdoors on billboards around the city in September 2014. Update: To see how/what/where, and any other adventures/progress/results - the weblog is the place to be! →

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