June 2014: "Numbers" selected for the "One minutes on tour in Shanghai"

A couple of years ago I made a little video that was set in Benidorm at night. Ever since I made a one-minute cut  (the original was a 5 minute loop) this "mini" version of this video has been leading its own life. After being part of the One minute collection and catalogue "Number One the video will now be showed during the screening and exhibition "The One Minutes on Tour in Shanghai" at the Power station of Art in Shanghai.

June 2014  Selected (and currently working on) De Kracht van Rotterdam 2014

I've got the honour to be part of the anual photo commision "De Kracht van Rotterdam". Twelve photographers are assigned to document  one of the (twelve) area's that form the city of Rotterdam. The results are exhibited outdoors on billboards around the city in September 2014. 

Update: To see how/what/where, and any other adventures/progress/results - the weblog is the place to be! →

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